Crab Island Destin

Located on the North side of the Destin bridge, Crab Island is an sandbar where boaters anchor and party from April to November. On average there can be anywhere from 10 to 200 boats anchored in at Destin Crab Island in the Bay. This is where locals hang out and swim and snorkel. The depth of the Crab Island can range from 2’ to 10’ deep.

During the summer, there is a snack bar selling hamburgers and fast food. You will find a water trampoline and waterslide available on Crab Island as well. There are even boats selling ice cream, drinks, boiled peanuts, and steamed shrimp.

Holidays can get very busy for Crab Island. It is recommended that you get there early and spend all day enjoying the party, fun, and water sports

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